Anessa + Turquoise

Anessa is a local musician by night was so excited to marry her future wife Turquoise in a beautiful Mexican get away with their closest friends and family. When COVID forced them to cancel their plans Anessa reach out about a home wedding. Anessa shared how that "Turq" was particularly sad to lose the beautiful tropical ascetic of Mexico and wanted to make sure that Turquoise was blown away by the flowers. we set out to create a design that made sure they didn’t feel like they were losing that ascetic they so much loved.

This Beautiful wedding was featured in print, in the Winter/Spring issue of Philadelphia Wedding Magazine and online, click here.

Anessa also expressed a desire to make the wedding fun and less traditional, in keeping with their personalities, and suggested adding a “pop of color” but wasn’t sure what. We worked with Lovehaus to bring up the neutral palette with a pop if fresh green and coral, evoking that tropical vibe.