Event Inquiry

Event Inquiry

We are a full service design studio. We specialize in custom florals for events ranging from showers to full scale weddings and corporate events.

Potential clients often ask, "how much will it cost?" That's not a question that's answered easily. 

Many things go into designing an event. Your designer is creating custom florals, that includes sourcing the flowers from all over the world and choosing the perfect decor. Designers are also processing, prepping and caring for the flowers, helping them achieve their most beautiful state over a number of days before your event. Your flowers also have to be designed into their final state, packed with care, transported and set up. None of these things are small tasks are require many man hours, hands and a lot of love. 

Because we custom design for each client, every event has a different price point. Clients have the opportunity to set the budget anywhere they want.  How much you will spend will really depend on your overall vision, appreciation of quality and expectations. We do not operate with minimum budgets but you can expect to invest anywhere from about $2,500-$10,000 for a custom RAM Floral wedding or large scale event. 

In order to get started and help us better understand your needs, please complete the form below. 

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